Tuesday, January 12, 2010

B is for BFFFFF

A friend is someone that you trust with anything. Someone that you do everything with. Someone that is always there for you. I have always been really lucky and have always had alot of really close friends but in grade five I didn't just have a BFF I had the BFFFFF's (Best Five Fantastic Female Friends Forever). We trusted eachother, did everything together and were always there for eachother. You've probably figured out that we were all girls, friends forever and fantastic but might be wondering who the five were. It was me, Aleda, Emma, Jenny and Libby.

You might not think that all of us would be friends because we are all very different. Me and Libby were the shy/quiet ones. Emma and Aleda were the loud/ sometimes (actually most of the time) crazy ones. And Jenny was the one who was kind of in between- sorry I don't really now how to describe her but you all know her. Anyway It didn't matter if we were all very different we were still really good friends.

We went through grade 5 and everything was great but coming in to grade 6 things started to change. It all started on the first day of grade 6. We were all hoping to be together (you know in the same class) but the teachers put us in different classes:-( Emma and Jenny were in 6A and Libby, Aleda and I were in 6B. We still saw eachother at recess and stuff but it just wasn't the same maybe if we had all been in the same class all of us would still be best friends. During that year I think we kind of grew apart. We would all sort of drift away and then come back together again but then only some of us came back together again it was really wierd.

Now we're in grade 7 all of us are in the same class again. Libby and I are still friends just not best friends. I mean I've heard stories of people who were best friends but when one of them starts to hang out with different people they become worst enemies. thats never happened to me and I hope it never will. As for Jenny, Emma and Aleda I am still really good friends with them.

Life Lesson: Whatever happens never let your best friends become your worst enemies.

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