Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Middle School Team Building day

Team building is important. Why? Teams are everywhere work, sports, school everywhere. If you can't work in a team enviroment then people aren't going to hire you for a job or want you on their soccer team . That's why on Monday the entire middle school traveled to Norval. After we got there we were divided in to teams of 8 or more and started some team building activities.
Our group did really well at the second activity zig zag and were the only team to get it done. I think that by that time we had figured out that we needed to listen to each other and cooperated really well. When we needed to get something done like moving planks around one person did it with other peoples support rather than just everybody rushing forward to do it with the result of people falling off and getting hurt.
The first activity, wizards walk was not as well done. That was because we hadn't learned enough from our mistakes and although we did it it took a really long time. We wern't cooperating as well everybody was trying to help each other at the same time. For example when sombody needed help instead of just one person jumping off and going back so that they could help more easily two or more people would do it. This caused alot of confusion and as a result the whole thing took alot longer. We also wern't listening to each other all the time which doesn't help.
I thought the whole day was really fun and it was more of a challange to work together than we thought. I think everyone learned something. I know I learned that it is possible for everyone to come together and work together. The drum circle proved that. Team building is important and so is this day outside at Norval.

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  1. Great post Rowena. Make sure you read the Friday File this week!